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A Big Leap

Updated: May 3

The concept of PDG Insights is something I’ve dreamed about for over a decade. The idea is simple: a boutique full-service research and consulting firm with a social enterprise mindset. Staying small and nimble keeps us affordable–in fact, it’s just me for now! I plan to select my clients based on their budget and mission but in an unexpected way. The focus is on emerging brands, start-ups, non-profits, and independent retailers desperate to break through, despite a limited budget. I am thrilled to help organizations that are just getting started or may need more one-on-one support than they'd get from larger firms. My hope–and my ultimate vision–is that in partnering with these companies, I can make a real difference.

My name is Diana Leza Sheehan. I’ve spent 22 years exploring numerous professional roles in sales, analytics, research, and consulting in “corporate America.” I have worked mostly for big, blue-chip companies. My global work and subsequent travels to Europe and South America have provided the opportunity to meet many amazing people. I’ve enjoyed speaking on the mainstage for some of the biggest industry events, interviewed with some of the best and brightest business media outlets, and explored diverse business topics and needs across industries - relying on various secondary datasets and utilizing many different strategies along the way.

A fascinating journey? Absolutely! Even so, something was missing. Over time, it became clear that my worst days were defined by a troubling trend: small clients who approached me with critical business questions that could change the trajectory of their success but not enough budget to do so. I’ve spent years helping billion-dollar brands grow their business with an improved understanding of their customers and ability to navigate retail trends and best practices… but can’t help these smaller companies graced with a ripe opportunity to change their lives? Yes, it kept me up at night.

That’s precisely why I’m here today, launching PDG Insights. As the beneficiary of breakthrough opportunities on multiple occasions, I can share countless moments marking a time when someone decided to step up and help me purely out of the kindness of his/her heart—perhaps barely even knowing me. More importantly, I was raised by a village of people who believe it’s our responsibility to lift each other up. I am compelled to do the same and live my life accordingly.

The concept is simple. We offer affordable consumer insights, marketing research, and strategic consulting support for small and mid-sized companies, structuring products based on budget wherever and whenever we can.

The long-term goal is to produce syndicated (and complimentary!) content examining retail and consumer trends for the benefit of all, while also dedicating a portion of our business profits to fund pro-bono work for community-focused companies lacking a budget. This will take time, but I am confident we will get there. Looking down the road a bit further, I also hope to launch an internship program for high school and college students: introducing young, eager minds to market research and business strategy projects, whetting their appetite for work in the industry.

As you might have guessed by now, I have big goals and a grand vision; but it all starts with this blog. Today, I am so excited to officially introduce PDG Insights to my corporate network. Let’s Partner to Drive Growth for your business. How can I help you?

Please reach out to me directly here to learn more or explore a pressing business question. I look forward to hearing from you!

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