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America's True Big Brand: A Deep Dive Into the Private Label Opportunity

This white paper explores the surging popularity of private label brands in the US grocery market. Key findings include:

  • Market Growth: Private label sales reached a record $236 billion in 2023, representing a significant increase from $86.4 billion in 2009.

  • Consumer Shift: Nearly all American households (98%) purchase private label products, with an average consumer buying across 8.3 categories. Price remains a driver, but quality perceptions have improved dramatically.

  • Younger Consumers Lead the Charge: Younger demographics (under 45) and higher-income households are more likely to buy more private label products and expect continuous innovation.

The paper highlights the importance of private label innovation for retailers to:

  • Capture Consumer Attention: Move beyond just price and offer unique features and high quality.

  • Drive Loyalty: Cater to evolving consumer expectations with a constantly evolving product pipeline.

  • Win Over Younger Generations: Offer unique products not found elsewhere to attract younger, high-income shoppers.  

Fill out the our form on this page to download our inaugural Private Label pulse white paper.  

If you want to learn more about the practical applications of these findings in retail, register for our upcoming webinar on July 29th at noon CST here.  We'll review topline findings of the research and dig into specific case studies of best in class retailers in private label today. 

Exploring the Private Label Opportunity Webinar 
Tuesday, July 29th 
Noon CST


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